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Soil Evidence Slides, Notes, and Review (Forensic Geology)

Everything your students need to learn the basics of Forensic Soil Evidence! NO PREP! 36 interactive Google Slides + student notes + review.



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Everything your students need to learn the basics of Forensic Soil Evidence! NO PREP! Students work through 36 interactive Google Slides. Slides ask them to drag and drop, organize images, watch short video clips, and think through information.

Slides also offer students a chance to apply their new Soil skills. They are tasked to analyze virtual soil evidence to investigate the (fictitious) murder of Edmond Early!

Slides can be fully student led (great for a sub!) or be used for direct instruction or a combination of both!

Students use what they learn from the slides to complete six pages of notes. Notes are not just fill in the blank, but include short answer questions, labeling diagrams, thinking and application questions. Resource includes a comprehensive key for the student notes.

After finishing the slides and notes, students are ready to tackle the 18 Question Google Form. Allow students to use their notes, or not! Questions are all multiple choice, easily editable, and self grading!


Soil Evidence Notes and Review Resource list:

  • Interactive Google Slide Set – 36 slides
  • Google Slide Set Key
  • Student Notes pages – 6 pages
  • Student Notes Key
  • Google Form Review – 18 multiple choice questions
  • Teaching Guide


Additional Forensic Soil Evidence Resources:

More to come!

This resource will be part of a new Unit – Trace Evidence Part 2, which will include Soil, Paint, Glass, and Powder evidence.


Click HERE to see the full Pacing Guide and know how this resource fits into the whole Forensic Science Curriculum.


Click here to see a preview of Soil Evidence Notes and Review!

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