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FREE! Instinctive Behavior Activity - Up and Moving 'Speed Dating'


Instinctive Behavior review game that is fun for students! Review examples of instinctive behaviors in a fast paced game of ‘Speed Dating’!



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Instinctive Behavior activity that is fun for students and gets them up and moving! Review examples of instinctive behaviors in a fast paced game of ‘Speed Dating’!

The Instinctive Behavior Activity Includes examples of…

  • territorial defense
  • dominance hierarchy
  • courtship, migration
  • estivation
  • hibernation
  • photo and chemo-taxis.

How does Speed Dating work?

Students get into pairs, each person gets a card, pairs have a copy of the same card. Together they decide what type of behavior their card exemplifies. Collaboration! Critical Thinking!

One student of each pair then moves to the right, and new pairs share their cards. They try to guess the example of each other’s card. After 30 seconds (I set a timer) students shift again to the next person, and repeat.


Students always enjoy this game! Examples on cards can also be used as prompts for charades!


Resource includes:

  • Full teaching guide – two pages! Very detailed – options for differentiation!
  • Instinctive Behavior Example Cards – fifteen unique cards
  • Instinctive Behavior Definition Cards for matching
  • Student notes sheet to record examples and definitions


Click here to see a preview of the Instinctive Behavior Activity: 


Five Stars!

Here is what some happy teachers are saying about this resource in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

I love everything you make, wish I could afford it all. I did this with AP Biology during animal behavior. It was engaging and fun to do with them.                   – Roufieh C.               January 11, 2022

My students loved being able to move.                   – Christopher T.           March 2, 2021

My kids liked this as a review. They were very engaged. Thanks!                   – Jessica A.             May 5, 2020

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