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Human Hair Evidence Notes + Slides + Review

Learn the value of Human Hair Evidence with interactive Google Slides, student notes and review questions. No Prep, ready to go resource!



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Learn the value of Human Hair Evidence with interactive Google Slides, student notes and review questions. No Prep!

Your students will learn:

  • The structure of hair
  • Hair Characteristics as a clue
    to determine Ethnicity
  • The value of Hair as Class Evidence
  • Human Hair Growth Stages – how a hair root can reveal possible assault
  • Hair Treatments – clues to PMI
  • Toxins in Hair – a record of the past

Included in the Human Hair Evidence Resource:

Thirty two interactive Google Slides: No lecture or prep required. Students learn by interacting with the Google Slide set, which invites them to drag, drop, organize, and click to access images and articles. This keeps students engaged as they learn and complete their notes!

Slides include two mini-mysteries that allow students to apply what they have just learned! Thinking and reflection questions are answered directly in the slides.

Student Notes Sheet: four total sheets (two, front and back).

Google Form Review Question set: Ten multiple choice questions, self grading, fully editable

Comprehensive Keys: Answer keys for both the Google Slides and the Student Notes sheet

Teaching Guide: with tips for sharing the Slides and Form with students, collecting digital work, and grading!


More resources for the Trace Evidence Unit to come! It will include Hairs, Fibers, Paint, Soil, Glass and Powders.


Currently available in the Trace Evidence Unit:


Click HERE to see the full Pacing Guide and know how this resource fits into the whole Forensic Science Curriculum.


Click here to see a preview of the Human Hair Evidence resource!

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