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Biomolecules Project for AP Biology or Honors Biology

A super fun AP Biology or Honors biomolecules project! Students work individually or in partners/groups to create a four room display for the Biomolecules.



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A super fun biomolecules project for your AP Biology or Honors Biology class. Students work individually or in partners/groups to create a four room display for the Biomolecules.

The 100 point rubric invites students to take an in-depth look at Carbohydrates, Lipids, Proteins and Nucleic Acids –

  • investigating their molecular structure
  • each molecule’s directionality
  • functional groups
  • how the structure impacts the functions
  • examples of each biomolecule
  • their specific functions

The Honors Biomolecule Project is 100% editable!

The biomolecules project is designed to be interactive, including ‘foldables’ – paper panels that can be pulled out or opened up, much like the interactive notebook elements that are so popular (and fun!).

Includes an eight page Google Slide deck with pictures of examples and instructions for making the four room base of the project. The instructions use a normal piece of copy paper, but to really fit all of the information into the project, it is best to use larger paper. I used bulletin board paper cut into 3’ x 3’ pieces. Each student (or group) needs four pieces of paper to make the four rooms.

I typically give my students a week (80 minute classes) to create the project. Honors/AP kids put a lot of effort into their work! If we run low on time, I extend the deadline so they can finish at home while we keep going in class. Or I align things so they can work on it over a break or long weekend.


Click here to see a preview of the Honors Biomolecules Project!


Five Stars!

What some happy teachers are saying about the Honors Biomolecules Project:

One of the best projects ever!               – Stacie F.           January 26, 2022

My AP bio kids loved this. Students would reference their cubes the entire unit.          – TJ R.           August 23, 2021

My students loved the activity! We modified the foldable and made small origami pieces to make an interactive poster. It worked out great and kids stopped in the hallway many times to check out the information hidden on the poster boards.         – Hailey K.         May 20, 2021




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