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HUGE High School Forensic Science Curriculum

High School Forensic Science Curriculum! Save on EVERY forensics product offered by Science of Curiosity. Seventy plus products. Includes thirteen forensic topics, six projects, review questions and assessments.

Save 10% with this Bundle!



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High School Forensic Science Curriculum! Save on EVERY forensics product offered by Science of Curiosity. Seventy plus products. Includes thirteen forensic topics, six projects, review questions and assessments.

Save 10% with this Growing Bundle!

Click HERE to see the detailed pacing guide that comes with this bundle. Teaching Forensic Science with this Bundle is STRESS FREE! Many of these resources are NO PREP and can be student independent. All assessments and review question sets are self grading on Google Forms. Detailed Teaching Guides and answer keys for everything!

Ten full units: Include Google Slides, Guided Notes, Answer Keys, Activities, Review, Assessments and Detailed Teaching Guides.

Growing Bundle!

This Forensics Curriculum is a GROWING bundle – purchase once now and every new Forensics resource/update made by Science of Curiosity will automatically be sent to you via email as soon as it is ready! No additional cost!


Forensics Basics Unit:

  • Interactive Google Slides + Student Notes
  • CSI skills
  • Eyewitness evidence
  • Processing the crime scene
  • Sketching the crime scene notes and activity
  • Evidence collection notes and activity
  • Crime scene photography notes and activity
  • Crime Scene Processing Project!
  • Review Game
  • Unit Test

Blood Spatter Unit:

  • Blood typing teaching slides and notes
  • Hands on blood type Lab (digital version as well!)
  • Notes for Blood Spatter
  • Blood spatter analysis activity
  • Blood spatter lab
  • Fun Blood Evidence Review Game
  • Blood Evidence Unit Test

Fingerprints Unit:

  • Bertillon System activity and introduction to fingerprints
  • Fingerprints teaching slides, notes, review and activity
  • Fingerprint collection teaching slides, notes , review and activity
  • Learn more about fingerprints: Answer interesting questions like can a criminal alter his prints? How long do they last after death? Plus a mini-research project.
  • Fun Review Game: No Prep!
  • Unit Test

DNA Evidence Unit:

  • Forensic DNA Evidence teaching slides and notes and review questions
  • Make a digital DNA Fingerprint and solve a murder case!
  • Innocence Project project! Student research and presentation
  • Fun Review Game: No Prep!
  • Unit Test

Firearm / Ballistics Evidence Unit:

  • Ballistics Evidences teaching slides, notes and review questions
  • Ballistics digital activity – collect and analyze evidence to solve a shooting case!
  • Case Study: The Shooting of Trayvon Martin
  • Case Study: The Shooting of JFK
  • Fun Review Game: No Prep!
  • Unit Test

Explosives Unit:

  • Learn about the different types of explosives and what CSI can learn from evidence left behind
  • Research an explosive crime event and present your findings to the class
  • Unit Test

Tire Impression Evidence Unit:

  • Teaching slides, notes and review questions
  • Tire Impression matching activity
  • Skid mark teaching slides, notes and digital activity
  • Unit Test

Tool Marks, Footwear and Odontology Unit:

  • Forensic Odontology and Bite Mark notes, review, video guide, and activity
  • Footwear Impression teaching notes, review and multiple activities
  • Tool Marks Evidence teaching notes, activities and review
  • Impressions Unit Review Game
  • Unit Test

Forensic Death Investigation Unit:

  • Teaching slides, notes, activity and review
  • Autopsy terms teaching slides, notes and play doh activity
  • Autopsy Form activity
  • Investigate and determine the time sense death activity
  • Five stages of decay teaching slides and notes
  • Secrets of the Body Farm video guide
  • Forensic Entomology teaching slides, notes and activity
  • Forensic Anthropology teaching slides, notes and activity
  • Fun review game! No prep!
  • Unit Test

Hair and Fiber Evidence Unit

  • Trace Evidence Introduction + Locard Exchange Activity!
  • Human Hair Evidence – notes, slides, and review questions
  • Human Hair Evidence Lab
  • Animal Hair Evidence: Slides + Notes + Lab + Review
  • Fiber Evidence Slides + Notes + Review
  • Fiber Evidence Case Study: Wayne Williams
  • Fiber Evidence Lab
  • Hair and Fiber Evidence Review Game!
  • Hair and Fiber Evidence Test

Trace Evidence Part 2 – Under construction!

  • Introduction to Soil Evidence + Case Studies
  • Soil Evidence Slides, Notes and Review
  • More to come – Soil, Paint, Glass, and Powder

Six Projects: Full instructions and comprehensive Rubric included for each one!


Additional Resources and Topics Included:


This is a Growing Bundle! Next to be made is the Trace Evidence Unit part 2. It will include glass, paint and powder evidence. When you purchase this bundle, any and all additions of the Forensics curriculum will be sent to you via email at no cost!


All products in the High School Forensic Science Curriculum include a FULL KEY and Teaching Guide!


Five Stars!

What some happy teachers are saying about this resource in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

I love this bundle. My students, who are learners with various disabilities have been so engaged in the lessons. Participation has been excellent. The support from Science Curiosity has been top-notch! I recommend this bundle to EVERYONE!!                – Lisa C.             March 21, 2023

This bundle is full of great activities for any forensics class. I like the planning documents that have links to all the products and an order to work through. I look forward to seeing the next activities that will be added to it.     – Ms B.           January 11, 2023

I found that most students enjoy the mix of virtual and hands-on learning opportunities that this bundle provides! Each component is laid out clearly with specific teacher guides that help me plan my days.    – Hannah G.          December 3, 2022

This resource finally filled all the gaps I could not fill using textbook resources in my new Forensics elective science class. It has made preparing every lesson a dream and students are super engaged for each activity.             – Denise E.               March 9, 2022

This bundle is EVERYTHING you need! I am a secondary science teacher, I was assigned a new class this semester and simply didn’t have the time to create a curriculum from scratch. I purchased this hoping for the best…. and it has been SO much more than I even hoped for! The notes outlines for students make sense. The keys are helpful. The unit is organized and *ready to go*. There are interactive parts to every lesson. My students have LOVED everything that we have done so far. THANK YOU! I will be buying more from “Science of Curiosity”.                – D.H.                 February 10, 2022

This resource is AWESOME. I have gotten a lot of return on investment. Other forensic units out there are way more expensive for something that won’t cooperate with Google Docs.                    – Mr. R.                       January 10, 2022

This is by far the best resource I have purchased from TpT . The lessons are complete and are very interactive. My students have enjoyed digging into the material through readings, videos, and interactive crime scenes. This has been a great addition to my Forensic Science Class!                      – Cathy E.                     January 4, 2022

The resources are thorough and well organized. I love that there are assessments that go with each of the bundles. I love that I have the option of doing all work digitally, virtually, or in person. I’ve used a lot the digital resources as make up assignments for students who are absent. Being able to have all of these resources really cuts down on my prep time. These resources are also more rigorous than many of the other resources I have looked at.                 – Samantha C.                     October 19, 2021

The effort and workmanship, with engaging videos and cases to solve, is amazing and such a help with my science classes.                    – Allison B.               April 4, 2022



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