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Forensics Project for High School: Murder in Miniature

This Forensic Science project for High School allows students to show off all of the CSI skills they know. They are tasked with creating and processing their own mini murder scene!



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This Forensic Science project for High School allows students to show off all of the CSI skills they know. They are tasked with creating and processing their own mini murder scene!

Project Resource Includes

    • Full Teaching guide with detailed instructions
    • Detailed rubric for the Diorama, Written portion and Presentation
    • Google Slide presentation: 18 slides designed to show students – full of tips, Dos and Don’ts, example projects (both good examples and poor examples)
    • Sample Student Presentation as an example to show students
All parts can be edited to best fit your classroom!


Your students will demonstrate

  • how to Sketch a Crime Scene
  • how to collect different types of evidence
  • distinguish between Class vs. Individual evidence
  • identify how each piece of evidence links to a suspect


The project also includes a full Autopsy of the victim, and they must incorporate evidence from Entomology to establish a Post Mortem Interval. (This resource is sold separately HERE)

This is my absolute favorite forensics project for high school!

My students always get really into it and come up with amazing work. They are super creative in their stories, while being rooted to real life and the details of a true crime scene.

The rubric requires students to come up with a ‘true crime’ story, and create a mini-murder scene as it would have looked if their crime happened. They must then write a description of their crime scene as a CSI would describe it when they first arrive. The scene must be sketched with evidence, the evidence photographed, and documented as either class or individual.

All evidence and information must be presented in the form of a PowerPoint so that other classmates can fully appreciate the crime scene. The rubric also requires that the body show evidence of time and manner of death. This information is then used in the included autopsy report!

When the mini-murder scenes are finished, I always invite other classes to come look at them. My Forensics students LOVE showing off their work and telling everyone about their crime scenes.

I give my classes six days to work on a block schedule (180 hours total) but it can be modified to a shorter schedule by eliminating some of the requirements or allowing students to work in groups.

NOTE: This resource assumes students know how to process a crime scene, collect evidence, and are familiar with death investigation. It is designed to show off what they have learned in a Forensics course. I use this in place of a final Exam in my forensics class.

Click to see a preview of the Forensics Project for High School.

Five Stars!

Here are what some Happy Teachers have to say about this High School Forensics Project in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

This is terrific. Creating a project for forensics was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. At first, I thought this was expensive, however, I realized after I bought it how much time Science of Curiosity spent on this! It saved me SO MUCH TIME totally worth all the money. My students are enjoying the project as we speak! Thank you!             – Jackie K.           December 13, 2022

This is an amazing project, perfect for a final. My more crafty students have really shined with making their crime scenes.          – Sarah T.        May 5, 2021

Absolutely terrific resource! I used this as a basis for a middle school crime project. The examples really helped my students understand what was required of them.          – Heather H.         February 2, 2021

This was one of my students very favorite assignment. They really enjoyed writing the script as to what happened and building the crime scene. They incorporated all of the aspects of Forensic Science we worked on during the semester. Love this!!!       – Penny K.           May 7, 2020



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