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Forensics Blood Evidence Test

This Blood Evidence Unit Test is designed to test your students’ knowledge of the Science of Curiosity Blood Evidence Unit.



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Comprehensive Google Form with twenty five multiple choice questions about Blood Evidence.

The Blood Unit Test is designed to test your students’ knowledge of everything offered in the Science of Curiosity Forensic Blood Evidence Unit.


Blood Evidence Unit:

  • Blood Typing Digital Lesson, Lab, and Review – Students learn how blood typing works and the value of blood type for Forensic investigation. They then solve the murder of Jason Lowe using blood type analysis! Lab includes hands on and digital versions. Ten question Review tracks student understanding!
  • Blood Spatter Notes – NO PREP notes follow a free online lecture about Blood Spatter Analysis. Resource includes a ten question review to track student understanding.
  • Blood Spatter Lab – Student centered, learn by doing! A super fun lab where students get to drip and spatter ‘blood’ to learn how it behaves and what it can tell us at a crime scene.
  • Blood Spatter Analysis Activity– Digital! Students practice skills of calculating angle of impact and determining the point of origin. No prep!
  • Blood Evidence Review Game – A super fun whole-class review game that allows teams to compete against each other with some wacky twists and turns! A perfect way to review for the Blood Test!


The Google Form is self grading and 100% EDITABLE!

Click to see a preview of the Blood Evidence Unit Assessment.

This resource is part of the Blood Unit Bundle! Save 20% with the Bundle!

Teach your Forensic Science students Blood Evidence with this full Blood Unit Bundle! Includes Blood Typing and Blood Spatter Evidence. The blood unit includes notes, digital activities, review questions and hands on blood evidence lab!

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