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Forensics Fingerprint Identification: Notes + Activity + Review Questions

Learn with Forensic Fingerprint Identification Notes! No prep – Fingerprint Slides, notes, review and activity.



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Learn Forensic Fingerprint Identification! No prep – Fingerprint Learning Slides are student independent, perfect for both in class and distance learning.

Fingerprint Identification notes cover:

  • The history of Forensic Fingerprints
  • How the Bertillon System worked, and why it didn’t work
  • Importance of Fingerprints in Forensic Science
  • How to classify fingerprints:
    • Plain Arch, Tented Arch
    • Radial Loop, Ulnar Loop
    • Central Pocket Whorl, Plain Whorl, Double Loop Whorl
  • Use of the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System
  • How to find minutiae points for fingerprint comparison

Resource includes:

  • Learn Fingerprint Identification Google Slides: 40 interactive slides that allow students to work at their own pace. The slides can be used for lecture, if preferred, or break it up between lecture and student independent learning!
  • Learn Fingerprints Slides KEY
  • Fingerprint Identification Notes: follows the Learn slides, gives students a place to write out what they learn and provides a resource to study with!
  • Guided Notes KEY
  • Review Google Form: 10 multiple choice self grading questions on a Google Form. Give this to your students right after learning, or a few days later to see what they remember!
  • Fingerprint Card: your students will take their own fingerprints and classify them. They are prompted to take a photo of their Card and put it into the Slide set to turn in.
  • Class Fingerprint Data Google Form: a simple, easy way for students to submit their fingerprint data – how many arches, loops and whorls do they have? They will use this class data to make a bar chart comparing class percentages to national percentages.

All parts are fully editable!

Interactive Slides keep students engaged with…

  • Short YouTube clips
  • Drag and drop elements
  • Fill in the blank
  • Matching
  • Labeling
  • Drawing

Students can complete the Learning Slides and Notes on their own, in pairs or groups. Or use some slides for lecture and some for independent learning to mix in some variety!


A Teaching Guide is included with tips for how to best use the resource, sharing the slides, and ideas to make grading easier!

Click to see a preview of the Fingerprint Identification Notes.

Five Stars!

Here are what some Happy Teachers have to say about this Fingerprint Identification Notes in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

This was a great source to use with our Forensics unit in science. We didn’t use all parts, but it was simple and easy to follow. Thank you              – Michelle L.              July 25, 2021

This is a great resource! I used this as a supplemental for my current fingerprint unit notes AND turned the PowerPoint into a good activity for my students.              – Amanda H.                June 30, 2021

Excellent “ready-to-use” resource. Great for student’s engagement.               – Daniel C.           March 19, 2021


Everything you need to teach Forensic Fingerprint Evidence! Bundle includes four interactive Google Slides sets, three Google Form review question sets, student Notes, three activities, a mini-research project, and a Final Assessment.
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