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Forensic Ballistics Evidence: JFK Cold Case Video Guide

Forensic Firearms and Ballistics Evidence in real life! Nova Cold Case JFK is a great one-hour documentary that looks at and tests the ballistics evidence of the Kennedy Assassination.



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Forensic Firearms and Ballistics Evidence in real life! Nova Cold Case JFK is a great one-hour documentary that looks at and tests the ballistics evidence of the Kennedy Assassination. I typically show this to my students after they have learned about Ballistics Evidence.

This forensic firearms resource is a video guide

The student sheet organizes the documentary into sections…

  • The Event: A timeline of what happened
  • Gun and Ammunition: It was unique!
  • The Shooter: Who he was, and what happened to him before he could stand trial, leading the public to believe there was a conspiracy!
  • The Commission: Its purpose and findings.
  • Autopsy: What went wrong.
  • Zapruder Film: Analyzing the film. How many shots were fired? Could the shots be fired that fast by the gun that was used? Were two gunmen involved, or just one?
  • Ballistics Tests: Conducted by Forensic Ballistics experts with the same type of gun and ammunition used in the assassination.
  • Explaining the Head Shot: Kennedy’s head went backwards, how could this have happened if he got hit in the back of the head? A look back at the autopsy photos and reconstructing what happened.


Resource includes a FULL ANSWER KEY!

Click HERE to see the JFK Cold Case documentary FREE on Internet Archive. The documentary can also be found on YouTube HERE.

Click to see a preview of the Forensic Firearms JFK Case Study video guide.

Five Stars!

Here are what some Happy Teachers have to say about this JFK Case Study video guide in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

Nice resource for students in our ballistics unit.             – Bit Kai H.                   January 23, 2023

Great sub activity for my students, they were very interested and the questions were engaging.           – Crystal K.     October 1, 2021

We did this as a “closure” to ballistics. Worked great with in-class and online students.           – Barbara B.         April 27, 2021

My students really liked this resource as an “alternate assignment” they were given while quarantined.               – Savannah H.             May 28, 2021


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