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Forensic Anthropology Full Lesson - Slides, notes, activities, review

The forensics of BONES! Teach your students how to be Forensic Anthropologists! Learn to read bones and determine sex, height and age. Notes and Slides, Activities, Review, then solve a Case! No Prep!



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Complete Forensics Anthropology lesson, everything you need and NO PREP. Slides, notes, activities, review. Teach your students how to be Forensic Anthropologists!

Resource includes:

  • Learn the Skeleton: Label 17 common bones in the skeleton. Teaching Guide includes multiple fun ideas for how to complete the skeleton label sheet!
  • Exercise with your Skeleton: Get your class moving and learning the names and locations of their bones with fifteen exercise cards. Teaching Guide provides multiple ideas for this activity so you can mix it up and use it in different ways throughout the unit to reinforce learning.
  • Learning Anthropology Google Slides: 24 interactive Google Slides get students recording what they learn on the provided notes sheet. The Google Slides are student independent – no direct instruction is needed!
  • Learning Slides KEY
  • Student Notes: While students learn from the slides they will complete the provided Notes sheets – can be printed out or done digitally.
  • Bone Whisperer Video Guide: to reinforce what was learned in the slides, students watch a 25 minute interview (free on YouTube) with a Smithsonian Forensic Anthropologist and complete the provided video guide.
  • Bone Whisper KEY
  • Solve a Case Anthropology Activity: 100% digital, 10 Interactive Google Slides. Challenge students to solve a Missing Person case with their new Forensic Anthropology Skills. They are presented with a set of bones and must…
    • Measure them for height with the digital ruler (on the slide!)
    • Study the bones to figure out the sex and age.
    • Then put it all together and find the best match from a list of ten missing persons.
  • Solve a Case KEY
  • Missing Persons Report: with ten missing persons for students to look through while solving the missing person case
  • Review Questions: Ten multiple choice questions on a self-grading Google Form


NOTE: there are TWO versions of the Solve a Case. One centers around the cereal killer John Wayne Gacy, bones are said to have been a victim buried in Gacy’s yard. If this is too dark for your students, use the other version of bones found in the woods. Keys and Missing Persons Reports are provided for both versions.


Slides teach students:

  • How to use the skull and pelvis to determine gender
  • The bones and formula to calculate the height of a person
  • How the teeth and growth plates indicate age


Interactive Slides keep students engaged with

  • Drag and drop elements
  • Circle the right answer
  • Fill in the blank
  • Label images
  • Complete short answer questions
  • Short video clips


NO PREP! The whole lesson is student – led, allowing you to help the kids that need you!

A Teaching Guide is included with tips for how to best use the resource, sharing the slides, and ideas to make grading easier!

Click here to see a preview of the Forensic Anthropology notes and activity.

Five Stars!

Here is what some happy teachers are saying about the Forensic Anthropology notes and activity.

I absolutely loved this and so did my students. It was highly engaging and challenging. Thank you.           – Carrie W.    February 12, 2023

My forensic students really enjoyed this resource, especially the “Solve the Case” portion. I really appreciated the fact they got to have an option for this portion. It was very easy to follow.               – Ms Montgomery             January 5, 2022

I really love how students have to interact with the slides in order to learn the information. Each slide only contains a small amount of information and takes students through step-by-step the process of using anthropology to help solve a crime.            – Ashley L.             December 8, 2021

This is one of best lessons I have bought on TPT!!! Very easy to follow, and very informative. Everything is ready and there is no planning required. THANK YOU!                  – O.T.                 May 29, 2021



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