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Forensics Basics: Evidence Collection Activity | No prep!

This is a perfect introduction to basic evidence collection in your Forensic Science class – in a fun, immersive way! Easy, 100% No Prep! 



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This is a perfect introduction to basic evidence collection in your Forensic Science class – in a fun, immersive way! Easy, 100% No Prep!

Who killed Clara Carter? Students explore four crime scenes in the provided Google Slide deck. They search for clues and items of evidence. Nineteen items total!

Once they click on an item of evidence, a new window pops up that explains how the evidence is collected. The Student Sheet asks students to take notes on proper collection methods, and how each piece of evidence relates to the suspects.

The activity provides an overview of the proper way to collect each type of evidence –

  • Blood / body fluids
  • Trace evidence (hair, fiber, soil, etc)
  • Fingerprints
  • Ballistics
  • Impressions
  • Arson evidence
  • Documents

Resource includes:

  • Student response / notes sheet
  • Full answer key
  • Google Slides – sixteen slides
  • Google Form – 10 multiple choice questions, used to review and assess what your students have learned!
  • Teacher Guide

Who killed Clara? Was it her ex-husband Colton? Or new boyfriend Frederick? After collecting all of the evidence, and reading statements from four witnesses, your students will be ready to solve the case!

**NOTE – Every now and then I have gotten an email from a teacher saying they are not able to access the Evidence Collection links within this resource. Some schools / districts restrict access to Google Drive files outside of their network. Every link inside the Evidence Collection Activity connects to an image generated from my personal Drive. Even though I have published the images to the web, some sensitive firewalls still block them. Since my Drive is not part of your school network, your access could be blocked. This is rare, only a handful out of the hundreds of teachers who have used the product, but it could be you! Here is a test link to one of the evidence images – open it at school on one of your in-house computers to be sure it works. If it does not, there are work-arounds fully explained in the Teaching Guide that comes with this resource!

Click here to see a preview of the Evidence Collection Activity.

Five Stars!

Here are what some happy teachers are saying about the Evidence Collection Activity:

My students loved this as an evidence collection assignment. It was fun for me to hear their conversations about who they thought the suspect was and why.              – Danielle L.           March 12, 2023

This is GREAT! My students LOVED doing the mystery.            – Claudia W.         February 16, 2021

This was the perfect resource to wrap up my Types of Evidence and Evidence Collection Unit. My students enjoyed solving the mystery and learned a lot about how Forensic Scientists collect evidence.          – Conyers M.       January 20, 2021

My students found the mystery interesting and for the most part independently navigated their way through the assignment.        – Jessica K.       September 18, 2020

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