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Enzyme Activity BUNDLE! Lesson Plans, Doodle Notes, Activities, Labs

Enzyme Activity Bundle! Everything you need to teach Enzymes! Full lesson plans with Doodle Notes, demonstrations, activities, labs, review and assessments! Your students will see, act out, and experience Enzymes as Biological Catalysts.



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Enzyme Activity Bundle! Everything you need to teach Enzymes! Full lesson plans with Doodle Notes, demonstrations, activities, labs, review and assessments! Your students will see, act out, and experience Enzymes as Biological Catalysts.

The Enzyme Activity BUNDLE Includes-

Lesson Plans:

Let them become the enzymes, substrates and products with kinesthetic learning activities! Lessons culminate with an enzyme lab – give students the opportunity to experiment with enzyme reaction rates in different conditions!

TWO Google Slide shows:

  • 27 slides that walks teachers though exactly how the resource is designed to be used, step by step
  • 78 page slide show is designed to present to students while working through the lessons.


Four pages of Doodle Notes

Notes overlap and loop content so that key concepts and ideas are reinforced. Notes build on content from Enzymes Level 1 up to Enzymes Level 3. Each page of doodle notes is provided in three forms: a blank copy, a filled in black and white copy, and a filled in colored copy.


‘Enzymes are Sensitive’ Lab:

Full instructions, student response sheet, and Key. Easy set up, low prep! The Lab emphasizes these concepts:

  • Enzyme’s shape is specific to its substrate
  • Enzymes are Biological Catalysts
  • How enzymes speed up reaction rates
  • Enzymes lower activation energy
  • Enzyme concentration and reaction rate
  • Denatured enzymes are the wrong shape
  • pH and high temps can denature enzymes
  • How and why temp and pH impact reaction rates


‘Strawase’ Enzyme Lab Activity:

Students experience how reaction rate changes over time. Scissors become enzymes (Strawase enzymes!), and straws become substrates! Very simple set up!

The activity focuses on these characteristics of enzymes:

  • Enzymes take substrate and make product
  • Understand how enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction
  • Enzymes speed up reaction rates
  • Enzymes are specific to their substrate
  • Reaction rates begin high, but drop to zero as the substrate runs out
  • Higher enzyme concentration leads to faster reaction rate


Four Multiple Choice Google Forms: 50 total questions

Perfect resource for Distance Learning. Review Enzymes with 50 multiple choice questions on four fully editable self grading GoogleForms! Google Forms can be used as an opener/bell ringer, for exit tickets, and homework. Also great for unit or end-of-year review.

Topics for each Enzyme GoogleForm:

  • Enzymes Level 1 Review  – 10 Questions about enzyme basics, substrate vs product, active site and enzyme specificity
  • Enzymes Level 2 Review  – 10 Questions, reinforces the ideas from Level 1, that enzymes lower activation energy of a reaction and increase reaction rate, and can be used over and over again
  • Enzymes Level 3 Review  – 15 Questions, focuses on the impact of pH and Temperature for enzyme reaction rates, applied to real life situations (the IceMan, cooking food, decomposition of fruit)
  • Enzymes and Photosynthesis / Cellular Respiration Review  – 15 Questions applying knowledge of enzymes to both processes. For example: How does closing the stomata of a plant impact photosynthesis? Why is it dangerous to have a high fever?

**NOTE – Google Forms Levels 1-3 correspond to Doodle Notes Levels 1-3!


Open ended Writing Prompts about Enzymes

Eight Google Forms with robust questions to get students thinking and writing about Enzymes. 100% digital – great for checking for understanding both in class and distance learning!

All forms have a ten point rubric, with built in ‘feedback’ (answers) that will automatically be sent to your students with their grade once you have released it. Feedback is fully editable!

Topics include real-life application of enzymes:

  • Cellular Respiration is done by enzymes – how does change in temperature impact crickets’ respiration rate? What about humans?
  • Oxygen and glucose are substrates – why do we die when we run out of oxygen or food?
  • When you swallow an enzyme supplement (into an acidic stomach) what happens to those enzymes?
  • Why does decomposition slow down when I put my fruit in the refrigerator?
  • Why does the reaction rate change over time?
  • What happens to a reaction rate when we add more enzymes?
  • What happens to enzymes in different pHs? How does that impact the reaction rate?
  • Why is it so important that my body temperature stays around 98 degrees F?

Get them thinking deeply, recalling learned information, and putting ideas together in their own words. Writing prompts are great for review to organize ideas – perfect for openers, exit tickets, and homework. These can also be used as essay questions for assessments.


All Google Forms are 100% EDITABLE!

Teaching Guides and Answer Keys included for every part!


Whew! That is a lot! The Enzyme Activity Bundle gives you everything you need to teach about Enzymes!



Five Stars!

What some happy teachers are saying about the products in the Enzyme Bundle:

I have not used all the notes yet, but I had to write a review because I have very much enjoyed using these so far!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I paired these notes with the Amoeba Sisters video over enzymes and it was a great way to introduce enzymes, my students really enjoyed the drawings and opportunities to color.We are starting off enzymes on a great note. I am excited to do the potato lab and the scissor enzyme activity to pair with the notes, I think these are excellent resources! 🙂              – C.S.               December 6, 2021

Saved a lot of time. Great resource.              – Jamie T.                     May 6, 2021

Great hands on lesson.                 – Jenny W.           February 5, 2021



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