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Forensics Blood Unit BUNDLE - High School Forensic Science

Teach your Forensic Science students Blood Evidence with this full Blood Unit Bundle! Includes Blood Typing and Blood Spatter Evidence. This blood unit has everything you need: notes, digital activities, review questions, two hands on blood evidence labs, and a Test!

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Teach your Forensic Science students Blood Evidence with this full Blood Unit Bundle! Includes Blood Typing and Blood Spatter Evidence. Everything you need: notes, digital activities, review questions,  hands on blood evidence labs and a Test!

In this Blood Unit Bundle:

  • Blood Typing Digital Lesson, Lab and Review – Learn how to determine blood type, and then use evidence to solve a murder! Lab is offered in a hands – on version (simple prep!) and a fully digital version (no prep!)
  • Blood Spatter Notes – NO PREP! Digital and Printable notes that follow a free online Blood Spatter Lecture
  • Blood Spatter Analysis Activity – NO PREP! Digital and Printable activity that gives your students a chance to practice their skills at calculating angle of impact and point of origin
  • Blood Spatter Lab – Detailed instructions and video provided to show your students how to experience the blood spatter! Students will create blood spatter and use what they know to describe what they see. Includes passive spatter, impact spatter, drops at various angles, and castoff spatter.
  • Blood Evidence Review Game – A super fun whole-class review game that allows teams to compete against each other with some wacky twists and turns! A perfect way to review for the Blood Test!
  • Blood Evidence Test – 25 question multiple choice test on a self grading Google Form. Questions are unique, not repeats of the review questions in the Unit!


Here is a great blog post with instructions to make your own Blood Spatter Lab!


Click HERE to see the full Pacing Guide and know how this resource fits into the whole Forensic Science Curriculum.

Five Stars!

Here are what some happy teachers are saying about the Blood Unit Bundle for High School:

I have a tough group of 11th graders who struggle with focus and attention. They are loving this content, videos, and activities! Thank you.            – Lisa C.             February 27, 2023

Blood spatter was a great unit because of this resource. All the activities and power points were well made and engaging.             – Soren B.         January 30, 2023

My students absolutely LOVED this unit! They greatly enjoyed the interactive notes and assignments! They had a lot of fun while learning the content! Love this format!!        – Tina M.               July 21, 2021

I used this for distance learning within my Forensics Unit and it was EXTREMELY helpful. It was full of great graphics and crime scene scenarios that gave a great overall lesson on blood typing as class evidence, and blood spatter at a crime scene. I will definitely use it in years to come with my forensics unit.           – Carolyn K.       February 19, 2021

Great resource. I build my entire Blood Evidence unit around this resource, and students really enjoy it every quarter.          – Jessie W.           December 16, 2021


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