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Blood Type Evidence Lesson + Lab + Review Questions

Everything your students need to learn Forensic blood typing! Notes, Lab, and review. Hands on Lab with NO PREP digital option included!



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Everything your students need to learn Forensic blood typing! Hands on Lab with NO PREP digital option included!

Students will…

  • Understand the ‘why’ behind blood types (proteins on red blood cells)
  • Know that blood type is class evidence 
  • Learn how to test for blood type
  • Read blood type test results 
  • Learn how blood type evidence is used in Forensic Science
  • SOLVE the murder case of Jake Lowe! Blood drops and a bloody knife were found at the scene. There are three suspects. Your students will test the blood samples from each and use the information to solve the case!

The Blood Type Evidence resource includes:

  • Interactive Notes Google Slide set! Your students will drag and drop elements in the slides as they learn and answer questions!
  • Google Slides Answer Key: A separate Google Slides with answers, use for grading or share later with students to see the correct answers.
  • Student Notes to complete while going through the Slides
  • Student Notes Key
  • Hands On Lab Sheet and Key: students test the blood type of six samples to investigate the murder of Jake Lowe. Easy set up, simple materials! (milk, food coloring, vinegar!)
  • Digital Lab Google Slides and Key: perfect for a Sub, or if a student is absent, or if you are low on time and resources! No prep!
  • Ten Question Review Google Form: know what your students have learned from the activity, and what they need extra help with! Google Form includes an answer key for immediate feedback to your kids – no grading needed!
  • Teaching Guide: detailed instructions for how to set up and run the Lab, tips for how to best use this resource, plus grading tips!

Everything is editable! 

Here is a great blog post with instructions to make your own Blood Spatter Lab!

Click here to see a preview of the Blood Type recourse.

Five Stars!

Here are what some happy teachers are saying about the Blood Type resource:

My students and I found this so fun as a supplement to our cardiovascular unit. We did this activity as a class and had fun testing the different blood samples.             – Arielle T.           February 8, 2023

LOVED IT!!! I teach Forensics and Biomedical Science. My students have ALWAYS struggled with blood types so I decided to see if there was a lesson that was more engaging/ interactive than the curriculum my district uses. This lesson was PERFECT! My kids GOT IT! For the first time they really understood how blood typing works and they had FUN learning about it.           – Jessica C.           December 7, 2021

The BEST resource I have found for forensics yet! This is SO well done, and so simple to use. I loved that it was 100% editable. I tailored it to my specific content and the kids LOVED being engaged. I’m honestly impressed and I’ve been making purchases on TPT for years. I’ll be looking up more from this seller.          – Soli S.               February 8, 2021

I am super satisfied with the quality and creativity of this and other activities from Science of Curiosity. I have bought almost every this made for forensics.            – John T.               February 3, 2021


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