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Forensic Ballistics Evidence Review Game!

A super fun way to review Ballistics Evidence before the Test! Simple to play, no prep, digital review game! Twenty six open ended questions!



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A super fun way to review Ballistics Evidence before the Test! Simple to play, no prep, digital review game!

The  game covers these topics:

  • Differences between handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • Collection of ballistic evidence
  • Distinguish between class and individual ballistic evidence
  • The unique marks a gun leaves on bullets and casings
  • The value and use of Gunshot Residue evidence


Also Included:

  • Student Answer Sheet: students will write down the answers to the review questions as the game goes along. This will keep them engaged, reinforce the reviewed material, hold them accountable, and leave them with the perfect study guide for the test!
  • Full answer key!
  • Detailed Teaching Guide with tips and tricks to get the most out of this review game


How to Play the Ballistics Review Game:

  • Students are put into groups. Groups take turns choosing questions that can be worth 5, 10 or 15 points.
  • If the group gets the question correct, they then choose a Mystery Card! This card may ask students to swap groups, or give up points to another group, or offer the chance for more points if the team does something fun (like sing Row Row Row Your Boat!)
  • The game continues until all questions have been answered. The group with the highest score wins!


The entire review game is digital, contained inside one Google Slide set with 74 Google Slides! Click question numbers to be brought to that question. Click again to see the answer. Click ‘Home’ to go back to the first slide. Click the smiley face to go to the Mystery Cards!


This review game was made for Science of Curiosity’s Ballistics Evidence Test, but can be used and adapted to any Ballistics Forensics Unit. The slides are fully editable!


Click HERE to see the full Pacing Guide and know how this resource fits into the whole Forensic Science Curriculum.


Click here to see a preview of the Ballistics Review Game!

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