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Forensics Arson Investigation! No Prep!

Fun Arson investigation for your Forensic Science class. NO PREP! Great to use for a Substitute! All you need is the student sheet and the internet.



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Fun Arson investigation for your Forensic Science class. NO PREP! Great to use for a Substitute! All you need is the student sheet and the internet.

InterFire Online provides free access to their training program for Fire Investigators. Be sure you can access this website! NOTE – the program runs on Flash Player.

HERE is a folder with a transcript and mp3s of each episode, which can be used if Flash is not available on your computer!

Students listen to a riveting auto story about a fire, and arson investigation. The case is written in the form of an audio book story, beginning with a 911 call that a neighbor is trapped in a house fire. The story gets more and more interesting as you learn that someone died in the fire, and there is indication of arson. Your students will be on the edge of their seats – mine always get really into it. Intrigue, betrayal, and murder!

Three quick (3-5 minute) YouTube video clips and notes sheet introduce students to fire investigation. The videos give them a chance to see what a house fire looks like, how investigators find signs of arson, and the work of arson dogs.


Resource Includes:

  • Teaching guide
  • One page Arson Introduction notes sheet with links to three YouTube video clips
  • Four page guided response sheet to the Arson Investigation audio story
  • Full answer key!



Five Stars!

What some happy teachers are saying about this resource in our Teachers Pay Teachers store:

This was very helpful in building my Arson unit. It covered all of the information that I needed and gave me a great lead into the lab I created. Great resource!          – Erin C.         September 22, 2023

My students LOVED this lesson. I was surprised at their level of engagement. They learned a LOT and it involved nearly zero prep-work from my end. Would work well as a sub plan too!                 – Brooke M.               July 30, 2021

This resource was so interesting…my students especially were engaged during the audio 911 call and subsequent interviews with a variety of professionals investigating the crime as well as the witnesses. The best part was when I forgot to show the title slide of the resource and students were saying, “Wait we can’t see the video!” There was NO video – but, they were so drawn in by the audio tape they didn’t even realize it!                       – Lisa W.           February 28, 2021

This was an excellent activity. While it took us several days to get through it all, the students were very attentive and engaged. We stopped and discussed after each section, and the students came up with some great ideas and theories about what was going on, motive, etc–even some things I hadn’t even considered!               – Katherine S.   October 4, 2020




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