5 FREE Online Forensics Activities & Teacher Resources

forensic science online activities

Here are some of the best FREE online forensics activities for High School and Middle School Forensic Science (no Flash Player required)! Resources cover DNA, Anthropology, Autopsies and more! All free and available online. 

Cellphones In The Classroom? Not a Problem Anymore!

Solve the problem of cellphones in the classroom!

Leveraged for good, cellphones in the classroom can open up a world of technology based learning for students. But how can teachers utilize their amazing benefits, without the constant battle against distraction? Here is one battle-tested winning idea!

Forensic Autopsy Activity for High School

Create a forensic autopsy activity for your high school students!

Looking to make a forensic autopsy activity happen for your students?
Murder victims are hard to come by for use in the classroom! So in my forensic science class, we use Rats. This post is all about how to turn a Rat into a murder victim!